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Unban Appeal - Shen69

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  • Steam Name
  • Discord Name
  • Steam ID
  • Date of Ban
  • Who banned you?
  • Ban Message
    False Reports
  • Which one of our servers were you banned from?
    Server 1
  • Please explain in your own words why you think you were banned?
    I was banned for making a report against a player in which I ended up losing and to be proved false and honestly was done as a spiteful act against the two I reported because I was upset that i'd been constantly robbed by the same people and I know I shouldn't try and justify my actions its just some context to the false report that I made.
  • Please explain the rule you have broken in your own words to assure us that you understand the rule clearly
    I reported someone knowing that the report was false and not true.
  • Why should you be unbanned?
    In light of the server being completely re-developed and hopefully a much more stable economy and community, I'd like a chance to take part in the new uTopia overhaul and have the opportunity to better myself on the server. As well as this i'd also enjoy seeing the work that the devs have done and also with the new server style a new playing style for me and my friends to try out, being a less aggressive and loud gang who stay off social media and simply do business in a professional manner.
  • Please confirm that you have re read Utopia's Rules
  • Please confirm that you understand that there is no time frame on unban appeals.
  • Please confirm that this unban is for you and nobody else.

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