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Fresh Start - Progress Changelog

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Hello All!

As you are all aware from our previous post we had made the decision to temporally close all of our FiveM Servers to the public. Now as it's been a week I feel you all deserve to know what's being going on behind the scenes and hopefully answer all your questions. Now to start the week the development team had a conversation to decide the focus on this 'Fresh Start' and what areas need to be focused on around our server to make our server unique and player driven.

We had come to the decision which is going to be like marmite for some 'People either love it or hate it' - We have decided to take Utopia's RP on a new adventure with a new beginning which is going to be UK Themed. We have decided to make this change for many reasons, One of the reasons being that many RP servers which have focused around UK RP had lacked in areas which we think we can provide. Every server aims to give a unique experience and a new story and that is what we are aiming to provide too. Now I understand many of you may be thinking 'what is going to happen about all the whitelisted factions?' Now all information around factions will come out to the public soon.

Now the server itself is very lonely with only the developers working tirelessly to give you all a unique server so credit to them for the endless amount of time and dedication. Utopia is currently going through a complete overhaul with every element you knew of our old server. Now here is a sneak peek of some tasks which are being worked on for the 'Fresh Start' Update.


  • Civilian Life rework
  • Heist System rework
  • Motel System
  • Real Estate System
  • UI Rework
  • Drug system rework
  • Character system rework
  • Weapon Crafting system rework
  • Ingame Faction rework
  • Economy Wipe & Rework 

Now I guess you are all properly asking when is this ready for you all to get your hands on. Now there is no answer at this time as we do not want to make a promise we can not keep so for now just keep waiting for more information and sneak peeks on our discord and forums.

Now as we are a player-driven server, we would love to know what you guys think and what should defiantly be in this update, so if you have any ideas please don't hesitate to post them here - https://forms.gle/1bacdrrFavBfhegFA  

More information will be released soon but until then enjoy a preview of our new loading in screen - https://i.gyazo.com/80a4a1f30c5d5281056e7d355125d66b.mp4

Thank you.

UtopiaRP Development Team

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WEEK 2 Update


At this moment of time we are done with:

  • Custom motel
  • Custom mining job
  • A new permit system


We now have a fully custom motel script which will be vital for the beginning of your story. 

A motel will work of the same premise as apartments, but there are limited rooms and you will have to do weekly payments or lose everything saved with it.

This will be used as main storage as garages will be changed. Meaning you wont be able to just buy 50 cars and use them for item storing as this is never what we intended it to be. 



The mining job will be an important piece for all parties on the server as this is where you will get basic resources, which will be a main part of the server structure. 

We will give out more information of what impact the resources will have on the server in the future. 




The old job center is removed and replaced with a permit store. So you dont get set to a job, nor do you recieve standard payments without working. 

It will also include video tutorials for those who want more information about what a permit will be used for and how to use them.


We also now have Weasley back from his development break.

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Posted (edited)


Hello fellow travelers, what a week it has been. We have been seeing the hype this week on discord so a big thank you to everyone for the support during this period.





The tasks which have been the focus this week are the following;

  • Real Estate
  • UI Design rework
  • Notification rework
  • Progress bar
  • GSR System
  • Medicine Rework

Now as you can tell this week has been a mad one, we have been working hard to bring you guys the best and unique features. If not a fully unique script we aim to adjust for the theme of our server. We will be displaying a variety of images and videos to highlight the exciting future of UtopiaRP.

Understand as this is all still WIP, there will be design changes on the release.

Bulletproof Vest Animation


Medication (Gives you 100% Health)





There is gonna be a new realestate system that can be both used by individuals or owned by businesses and be rented out.

Every house in LS is buyable.



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Week 4

- Ingame PNC System

- Health system review

- Chat system review

- Legal Permits (Lumberjack)


Police National Computer

We have spent the time to work on a unique PNC which will allow the police to able to track the criminals and vehicles on the server. Police will be able to check the status of a vehicle with the ownership etc. Each officer will be given a unique password to access the system. Keep in mind you can only the PNC while in a police vehicle. Or maybe you can kidnap an officer to clear your criminal history! Who knows? 'Adventure is out there'


Health System

One of the biggest issues we had, when the server was up, was around the world of NHS so we have made some massive changes to assure NHS is crucial in your day to day life. Our biggest aim is to increase the RP potential with NHS and have repercussions if you die. With that said when you now get revived by a player, you will have blurred vision as well as being injured still so to fix your vision you can either wait a period of time or get some medication from NHS which will fix it straight away. I am planning on adding more medication which will have positives but more information on this later. When you are injured you can either use bandages or go to the Pillbox Hosptial to lay down to get healed up too 100%!

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