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Bug Report FiveM - not withdrawable items in Merryweather - Problem

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  • Bug Summary
    not withdrawable items in Merryweather
  • Your In-game name
  • Steam ID
  • Date & Time of the incident
    Happens all the time
  • Description of the incident
    In the Merryweather locker where we store all out attachments, healing, body armour ECT, there are some items that are not withdrawable, the items i know is Magazines and GPS. There might be more items but i dont know of them
  • Severity of bug
  • If job related, Your current job/rank
    Merryweather, Sergeant
  • If location related, picture of location or description of location
    Merryweather Armoury
  • Screenshots/Recordings
    I dont have a recording

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