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  • The Unique Roleplay Background story of your gang: A1 Gang is originally from United Kingdom ranging from Midlands to London. A1 Gang have caused alot of havoc in the UK and have now been deported and taken into Los Santos and A1 Boys plan to keep their buisness going in the new city and try to become the most known and notorious and still become the most wealthiest people in the city and hoping to become one of the biggest gangs/cartels that the city has ever seen and we will rule the city and make sure the people know we arent playing any games and we aint here to fuck around.

  • Your Unique Gang Logo. 0PJWi4x.jpg

  • You must have a minimum of 4 members in the in-game gang: Sassy,Skeng,Bangs,Kiddah,Paco,initman

  • Reread the Rules: Done

"Fill the gaps, Stay liquid"


hopefully @Shlomi will be satisfied now.

A1 Roster


Edited by Potter
Requested to add the roster.
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ACCEPTED. Message a Staff or above on discord when you are in TS and we will create your rooms @pauly

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