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    Unban Appeal - pauly

    @Long Neck of the Law It's been a week I'm pretty sure I've been patient enough
  3. pauly

    Unban Appeal - pauly

    I think I should be unbanned cause I generally have tried to improve my RP and that i am sorry for my actions and it won't happen again
  4. pauly

    Unban Appeal - pauly

    Killing Ems was supposed to be removed And the No initiation was a false ban which I got unbanned for and the staff that banned me received some sort of punishment
  5. pauly

    Unban Appeal - pauly

    Damn im famous 443 views
  6. pauly

    Unban Appeal - pauly

    @Sarge Here please
  7. pauly

    Unban Appeal - pauly

    And also The RVDM and Killing in a greenzone was because my friend was getting beaten up in the greenzone so i ran the guy over and i didnt really see anything wrong with that at the time but i have re-read the rules and i now understand that it wasnt allowed.
  8. pauly

    Unban Appeal - pauly

    Can you please list my 4 bans on record. cause i only remember me having 2 bans on record., and the last ban i can see i received was on 4/27/2019 if you dont count this one.
  9. pauly

    Unban Appeal - pauly

    IKR i only said "NI" guess this is what happens when youre black :(
  10. pauly

    Unban Appeal - pauly

    I get banned for saying "NI" but he doesnt get banned for typing "nigg" in the ts as his name :/
  11. Steam Name el paco Discord Name pauly#3399 Steam ID 76561198947198283 Date of Ban 05/15/2019 Who banned you? @Potter @PorkyThePig Ban Message RVDM, Racism, Killing in a Green Zone. Which one of our servers were you banned from? Server 1 Please explain in your own words why you think you were banned? i think i was banned because of a misunderstanding and me not understanding the rules completely which i do now. Please explain the rule you have broken in your own words to assure us that you understand the rule clearly Rule 1.6, you are not allowed to run someone over for no reason. 7.1 you cant harm another player in a greenzone. 1.22 You are not allowed to racist. Why should you be unbanned? I should be unbanned because i wasnt racist which was the reason i got perm banned for and not once in the video i was sent did i say a derogatory term. I said in the video "Shut up you stupid fucking NI" and i understand where the confusion comes from but i did not say any racist word or mean to be racist in any way. Please confirm that you have re read Utopia's Rules Yes Please confirm that you understand that there is no time frame on unban appeals. Yes Please confirm that this unban is for you and nobody else. Yes
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