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  1. Luckyy.


    Thanks canadian
  2. Luckyy.


    Thanks Welshy
  3. Luckyy.


    Thanks ladies ❤️
  4. Luckyy.


    Thank you cheif ❤️
  5. its like 7.3 mill from the store i doubt anyone will sell for 3 mil
  6. Luckyy.


    +1 Good guy but wears some dirty shoes
  7. Either reply to post or talk to me in game 65527
  8. Luckyy.


    Thanks guys much appreciated
  9. Message me ingame if you're interested 65527 willing to go a little lower
  10. As i was sayingto you in game i would have been happy if you deleted what you was saying was duped as i still have 420 bags of opium on server 1/2
  11. Steam Name ^1Luc^4kyy. Discord Name Luckyy.#0735 Steam ID 76561198835105568 Date of Ban 04/16/2019 Who banned you? Weasley wells Ban Message 1.21 Duping Which one of our servers were you banned from? Server 1 Please explain in your own words why you think you were banned? I got banned for duping opium which i wont lie about i duped 100 or some where around that much not a shit ton.(I know the ammount does not make it okay to do so its still a rule is should've followed) Please explain the rule you have broken in your own words to assure us that you understand the rule clearly I understand that duping isn't allowed and that i shouldn't have done it, It was wrong of me to do and i wont lie about that Why should you be unbanned? I think i should be i unbanned cause i put a lot of time into the server and all of my friends play on there, and not only that i really like the server it has good players and the rp is good most of the time, Even if all my apartment stuff gets wiped or whatever along as i can still be a member of the community. Please confirm that you have re read Utopia's Rules Yes Please confirm that you understand that there is no time frame on unban appeals. Yes Please confirm that this unban is for you and nobody else. Yes
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