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    Gang suggestions

    Just have an option within the gang menu for SOS, when it's hit, all current members of the gang get a notification. If a button press animation could be added too that'd be amazing, then the people around know that backup might be arriving (if an animation can't be added, just make it a rule that it either has to be /me'd or said verbally.) And it wouldn't be allowed to be used once comms/trackers are taken or while zip-tied.
  2. 5co

    Gang suggestions

    First suggestion: Have an SOS option that notifies all gang members that you need help ASAP. Second suggestion: Make rank 2 (currently nothing) have the ability to invite members but not remove them. Means you can let people recruit for you without the ability to nerf your gang by kicking everyone. Rank 1 = NothingRank 2 = InviteRank 3 = Kick/InviteRank 4 = Demote/PromoteRank 5 = (Leader) Can delete gang and set new leader
  3. I run in Windowed Borderless and when the window is not in focus (ie. tabbed out on browser or teamspeak etc), I can't hear anyone who tries to talk to me in game. Certain sounds like the new revive sound can still be heard and I was on another server last night where the voices could be heard, so it seems to be possible. I think quite a lot people use Windowed/Windowed borderless. This would help people RP more and prevent them missing when people try to speak to them in game. It's very common for someone to be checking Discord, Teamspeak or websites while playing.
  4. Just a small suggestion but it would be much better if the seat belt hotkey was B. Currently it's K and it's a bit of a pain to have to reach over and hit it when getting in/out of a car. I don't have small hands but I can't drive and reach over to hit K without having to take my fingers off WASD.
  5. Bug Summary Gang system - removes players from gang Your In-game name Joe Dank Steam ID 76561197976018359 Date & Time of the incident NA Description of the incident I've created 2x gangs so far and each time I relog I'm no longer in the gang. Same happens to normal members (they're removed.) When trying to recreate, the gang name is already taken. Severity of bug Inconvenience If job related, Your current job/rank If location related, picture of location or description of location Screenshots/Recordings
  6. +1 5€ would get you about 100 IRL
  7. 5co

    add the queue back

    I don't believe that accounts for much of the player drop, people still find time for games, other servers have no problem filling several servers each night atm.
  8. 5co

    add the queue back

    I think that’s very unfair to blame the players for that. The cops and EMS always went on server 1, rarely ever seen on server 2, it’s completely understandable that normal players would queue for server 1. It wasn’t uncommon to see 10+ cops on duty on server 1 before the recent rule change, that’s completely unnecessary on a 32 slot server. I also think there are other factors that decreased the player counter such as the poor server performance. When I joined the server, I could easily play for several hours before having to restart. Now I’m lucky to get 1-2 hours and a lot of other players have confirmed they have the same issue. Both issues combined have negatively impacted the server (people restarting more often, getting stuck in a queue because they weren’t quick enough for the grace period priority queue and giving up as a result.) I’d like to see Utopia thrive but I’m unsure what to suggest. A lot of people feel it has been dying for a while now.
  9. That's a pretty sick desktop, best I've seen so far.
  10. Aha, don't forget we had a man following you, if you'd headed towards a different station he would've moved in alone until we arrived for backup 😋
  11. We were on comms when the officer started to move in on our guy, we had a second guy immediately head there and follow the car back. As for cameras, A1 gang do not give a shit.
  12. Thanks man, appreciate the kind words. I'm glad I can improve the experience for other players and it's always been fun when I've interacted with you and your friends so thanks for that too.
  13. 5co


    Lucky is quite new to EMS but has really taken to it and puts in a lot of hours on the job, keep up the good work.
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