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  1. I mean, as a Mod I don't have to wait myself, but before I was a mod, this was very frustrating because I played in off-times, so I give this a YUUUUUUGE +1
  2. Hi, @pauly, Due to you spamming this, I’ll be locking this thread until a decision is made. thank you, Tristan UtopiaRP moderator team
  3. Hello @pauly, Your ban was a permanent ban, Your Appeal and the time of its verdict is at the discretion of the staff team, Again, thank you for your patience, Tristan UtopiaRP Mod team
  4. Hello @pauly, Un-ban appeals are handled by Staff+ So please be patient with your appeal Thank you, Tristan UtopiaRP Mod team
  5. I want to have a spruce mustache 

  6. I really don't think having rifles be a mainstay for people to have would be beneficial unless there was a special Hunting job and it involved a slideshot rifle for usage hunting
  7. sincerely, thank you @Echo, that’s extremely kind of you
  8. if his ability to play League is anything like his driving, He'll need the help to get out of Iron
  9. -1 - While a rigorous system like that has some merits, I personally doubt you'd like for us to implement a "no appeal" ban tier Shen. The problem comes in when a person has such an extensive history that they can be perma'd for small offenses -- This only happens because the fact the history exists, the person has been repeatedly warned and this is just another thing on the pile for the moderator/staff in question to see and make the judgement on. If you have any issues with a ban, you can take it to the staff team.
  10. +1 my second favorite Irishman
  11. +1 For not freaking out when we almost banned you by mistake
  12. You use the League backgrounds app - Thats cool - Be careful tho - It doesn't like full screen games very much, its why I had to get rid of it
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