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  1. P.S more details were sent to Mathias.
  2. Steam Name Shlomi Discord Name Shlomi#0001 Steam ID 76561198013082256 Date of Ban 05/11/2019 Who banned you? Staff lead, Vik and a manager Ban Message Money exploiting Which one of our servers were you banned from? Server 1 Please explain in your own words why you think you were banned? Was obviously banned because I used this exploit in early April. Please explain the rule you have broken in your own words to assure us that you understand the rule clearly 1.21, abusing a glitch which is against the rules. Why should you be unbanned? I should be unbanned mainly because this is my first offense, this was done in early April, I should be unbanned because I contributed 389 hours as a staff member but apparently no one cares about that which is why I will only be appealing for me to get unbanned. I will never rejoin the staff team after what I've gone through. I should be unbanned because other than being an active useful member of the community I was your staff member. I was promoted to staff which means I could've turned the server into one big ass chaos and given myself and every single second player items the second I wanted to. But again, no one of you guys seems to care about a single thing I did as a staff member which is why I will never be rejoining the staff team. I should be unbanned because I don't think a normal bug exploiter would've received 11 DMs from players asking questions. I am sorry for those who were actually concerned about what happened, I just believe I would've split way too much for you be feel comfortable to be remaining here which is why I got my limits as well. I should be unbanned because as a staff member I was never treated rightfully, I should be unbanned because this is not the way you treat someone who worked up 400 hours in your server playing on it on a daily basis and you just end it up for him in a second, especially if he is your staff member. Please confirm that you have re read Utopia's Rules Yes Please confirm that you understand that there is no time frame on unban appeals. Yes Please confirm that this unban is for you and nobody else. Yes
  3. To be honest, I don't think anyone really sees how this guy operates. He's getting stuff done very smoothly, very professional as a staff member in my opinion, RP is 10/10 and I believe he deserves to be known for what he does behind the scenes. Keep it up homie
  4. Simple command to do /block ID this means no longer receiving DMs from the ID/user anymore.
  5. Hello @Vik Rambo, In my opinion, many rules have been broken by both Kiddah and El paco here. The first ram which was a desync was not included in any of the punishments I've given them. Regarding the cop, not only he tazed him but he also had his gun out since 0:34 even after the moment el paco told him to put his hands up (0:43) which in my opinion, you wouldn't do such thing if in real life an officer had a tazer and you only had a knife. Besides, I don't think it's really RP getting up after being tazed and simply holding a knife running perfectly fine to stab the officer whilst he's still holding firearm. (2.2 Logic - Always think logically when you’re in a situation, this is a roleplay server - you must act how your character would at all times.) This whole situation by el paco and kiddah had no RP at all. (6.3 Killing EMS - EMS cannot be killed without sufficient reasoning to do so: i.e they refuse to cooperate even when threatened.) - The EMS wasn't threatened, he actually had a tazer pointed towards el paco which el paco failed to comply. Out of nowhere kiddah hops into the scene and runs over the EMS which is included as RVDM and killing EMS (helping on killing the EMS). It says it clearly in the rules, EMS cannot be killed without sufficient reasonings. So el paco did not comply + he killed him for absolutely no reason. Regarding EMS, he was ran over by desync and he might've thought it was el paco's fault rather than his own client's fault which is why I believe he thought he was run over purposely and tazed him on place due to his life being under a threat (his side I am assuming) From my point of view of this whole situation, kiddah and el paco had no intention to RP in the situation. Even if all the desync and stuff happened, you can find an easy way to start RPing the situation which they didn't even think of trying. This server is called UtopiaRP for a reason. for players to RP, not shoot or kill every second player they find. Hope you understand my point.
  6. I do agree with you in a way, although when I meant you guys I also meant those who've got whitelisted jobs. If you want an advice, I'd suggest posting suggestions regarding the server, suggestions of what you would like/want to see on the server, updates and such.
  7. Would have to disagree with you. You guys killed server 2 by continuously trying to join server 1 even when it's full.
  8. Bug Summary Car glitch x Bins Your In-game name Shlomi Steam ID 76561198013082256 Date & Time of the incident 09/05/2019 Description of the incident If you drive with a car next to a bin and press 'E' it'll "kick" you out of the car and drive on its own (Without a driver) whilst you still collect the bin item(s). Severity of bug Problem If job related, Your current job/rank / If location related, picture of location or description of location Bins Screenshots/Recordings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Il1TC7GO0Xg
  9. Nice video thing is I am not even PD 😖 EDIT: WTF 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  10. Lmao, I hope to see some more nights like this one bro! Glad you guys enjoyed and more than that, I enjoyed it a lot so I believe this night was a success. Love ya'll, Shlomi ❤️
  11. Bug Summary Stuck with an Umbrella Your In-game name Shlomi Steam ID 76561198013082256 Date & Time of the incident 07/05/19 Description of the incident If you equip an umbrella (/umb) and you fall as I did, it stays stuck on you until you respawn. Quite an annoying bug if I may say so. Severity of bug Problem If job related, Your current job/rank / If location related, picture of location or description of location / Screenshots/Recordings https://vimeo.com/334549999
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