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  1. Please add more reactions emotes on the forums such as monkaS, turd etc.
  2. o7 gamers

  3. actually a nice update

  4. Name to be on the banner: STeFFeX Color (Banner color): Black
  5. So instead of having a chat box showing twitter messages on the top left it should be an application on your phone. Basically make a twitter app on the phone where you can write and read other twitter posts.
  6. innit fam skeng but spell my name correct
  7. It would be awesome if you were able to break into houses and loot them for money and different items that you would be able to sell.
  8. what are you waiting for then @fade
  9. I dont know if it has been suggested but can we add a faction badge/tag to the forums if you are in the police, medics or merryweather
  10. Please add a queue to joining since im tired of having to spam to get on the server (dont know if its been suggested already)
  11. STeFFeX


    With a whitelisted server you will get to know all the people playing there in depth instead of meeting new people all the time which you do on the normal servers.
  12. How often does the suggestions tab get looked at?:classic_wacko:

    1. Vik Rambo

      Vik Rambo

      where is that?

  13. Community meetings would be good to have to bring up stuff regarding the community and the development of it. Issues that people have with the factions may be brought up here but also suggestions on how to make the server better and more enjoyable for everyone.
  14. STeFFeX


    Make 1 of the three servers whitelisted for only high-quality RP.
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