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  1. Week 4 - Ingame PNC System - Health system review - Chat system review - Legal Permits (Lumberjack) Police National Computer We have spent the time to work on a unique PNC which will allow the police to able to track the criminals and vehicles on the server. Police will be able to check the status of a vehicle with the ownership etc. Each officer will be given a unique password to access the system. Keep in mind you can only the PNC while in a police vehicle. Or maybe you can kidnap an officer to clear your criminal history! Who knows? 'Adventure is out there' Health System One of the biggest issues we had, when the server was up, was around the world of NHS so we have made some massive changes to assure NHS is crucial in your day to day life. Our biggest aim is to increase the RP potential with NHS and have repercussions if you die. With that said when you now get revived by a player, you will have blurred vision as well as being injured still so to fix your vision you can either wait a period of time or get some medication from NHS which will fix it straight away. I am planning on adding more medication which will have positives but more information on this later. When you are injured you can either use bandages or go to the Pillbox Hosptial to lay down to get healed up too 100%!
  2. WEEK 3 Hello fellow travelers, what a week it has been. We have been seeing the hype this week on discord so a big thank you to everyone for the support during this period. https://i.gyazo.com/f04dd9bd288b1b5482e95d3fe7433361.mp4😉 The tasks which have been the focus this week are the following; Real Estate UI Design rework Notification rework Progress bar GSR System Medicine Rework Now as you can tell this week has been a mad one, we have been working hard to bring you guys the best and unique features. If not a fully unique script we aim to adjust for the theme of our server. We will be displaying a variety of images and videos to highlight the exciting future of UtopiaRP. Understand as this is all still WIP, there will be design changes on the release. Bulletproof Vest Animation https://streamable.com/f5089 Medication (Gives you 100% Health) https://streamable.com/7e8uh Realestate There is gonna be a new realestate system that can be both used by individuals or owned by businesses and be rented out. Every house in LS is buyable.
  3. Hello All! As you are all aware from our previous post we had made the decision to temporally close all of our FiveM Servers to the public. Now as it's been a week I feel you all deserve to know what's being going on behind the scenes and hopefully answer all your questions. Now to start the week the development team had a conversation to decide the focus on this 'Fresh Start' and what areas need to be focused on around our server to make our server unique and player driven. We had come to the decision which is going to be like marmite for some 'People either love it or hate it' - We have decided to take Utopia's RP on a new adventure with a new beginning which is going to be UK Themed. We have decided to make this change for many reasons, One of the reasons being that many RP servers which have focused around UK RP had lacked in areas which we think we can provide. Every server aims to give a unique experience and a new story and that is what we are aiming to provide too. Now I understand many of you may be thinking 'what is going to happen about all the whitelisted factions?' Now all information around factions will come out to the public soon. Now the server itself is very lonely with only the developers working tirelessly to give you all a unique server so credit to them for the endless amount of time and dedication. Utopia is currently going through a complete overhaul with every element you knew of our old server. Now here is a sneak peek of some tasks which are being worked on for the 'Fresh Start' Update. Civilian Life rework Heist System rework Motel System Real Estate System UI Rework Drug system rework Character system rework Weapon Crafting system rework Ingame Faction rework Economy Wipe & Rework Now I guess you are all properly asking when is this ready for you all to get your hands on. Now there is no answer at this time as we do not want to make a promise we can not keep so for now just keep waiting for more information and sneak peeks on our discord and forums. Now as we are a player-driven server, we would love to know what you guys think and what should defiantly be in this update, so if you have any ideas please don't hesitate to post them here - https://forms.gle/1bacdrrFavBfhegFA More information will be released soon but until then enjoy a preview of our new loading in screen - https://i.gyazo.com/80a4a1f30c5d5281056e7d355125d66b.mp4 Thank you. UtopiaRP Development Team
  4. @Vik Rambo You Fool. Will be changed on next update! Thankyou!
  5. The issue should now be fixed. Thank you for reporting it to us.
  6. 'Surrounded' Police Added MK2 SMG to DEA @Archie Added NPC Life to Police Station @Archie EMS N/A Merryweather Added NPC Life to HQ @Archie Other Added NPC Life around the map (Weed Dealer, Vanilla Unicorn, Markets, etc) @Archie Added ChopShop @Archie Added Gang Script (Its back lads!) @Maffias Fixed GC Phone Exploit @Maffias Fixed Server Exploits @Weasley Wells Adjusted server for backups @Weasley Wells Changed Notifications @Archie Changed Store Names @Archie Gang System! Now when you join the server you can use the gang system by pushing the key 'M' when you open the Gang Menu you will be greeted with the option to either Create a gang or Open your Invites now keep in mind that this system is in the first stage to a bright future so any bugs or issues please report ASAP, For now the default max amount of people in your gang is 4 so if you wish to make a bigger gang you need to purchase a slot for $100,000. The rest is pretty self-explanatory however if you run into any issues don't be afraid to ask for help via Discord or the Forums. Now, @Maffias is keen to add more features to the gang system in the future so if you have any ideas or suggestions don't be afraid to suggest them here on the forums under the suggestion section. Now there are 5 ranks within a gang and the access is as follows; Rank 1 = Nothing Rank 2 = Nothing Rank 3 = Kick/Invite Rank 4 = Demote/Promote Rank 5 = (Leader) Can delete gang and set new leader Chopshop! This is the early stages but for now, enjoy a sneak of further development. We have added a chop shop system which allows you to scrap any car you see fit. Your job is simple. Drive the car to the chop shop then proceed to scrap however be warned do not leave your car as it will be canceled! Once you have completed your scrapping of the vehicle you will be given some parts then you need to make your way to the top of the map to Stanley's shop where you need to sell your parts! However, assure you ain't being followed by the police and they have a chance of being called to find you! NPC Life - Here are some pictures to bring some RP experiences to life with some activity from NPC's.
  7. 'Is it a bug or a feature?' Police Fixed vehicle spawning issues @Vik Rambo EMS EMS Helicopter no longer spawns under a roof. @Vik Rambo EMS Helictoper no longer blows up on spawn. @Vik Rambo Fixed vehicle spawning issues @Vik Rambo Merryweather Fixed people being able to rob MW storage underwater @Vik Rambo Other Fixed fueling animation bug @Vik Rambo Fixed tattoo exploit @Vik Rambo Dumpsters can no longer be searched whilst in a vehicle. @Vik Rambo Fixed animation exploit for dumpster @Vik Rambo Added new gas station @Vik Rambo Fixed the BMW M5 having a siren. @Vik Rambo Fixed TeslaX model (if you owned one it will be replaced soon) @Vik Rambo Fixed Greenzone punching exploits @Vik Rambo Adjustments made to TeslaX @Vik Rambo Fixed gear changing issue with the Jaguar Pace. @Vik Rambo Adjustments made to Jaguar Pace @Vik Rambo Removed Jumbo Jet from being spawned @Vik Rambo Fixed Inventory issues @Maffias
  8. Denied After a further decision with Team Leads and Management, we have decided to add the ban of 1.7 for reasons which has been discussed with you @Shlomi. You have been told the reasons for your ban. Thank you
  9. Added Teamspeak Section; 9.1 Common sense - We as a community find common sense to be the rule that is commonly broken on our platforms so for those who are misinformed on common sense here are some examples of breaking common sense; trolling people, bullying people, etc. If found doing such acts may lead to bans on other UtopiaRP platforms. 9.2 Voice changers & soundboards - If you are found using soundboards or voice changers in public rooms including faction rooms you will be warned, this may lead to further punishments if you continue once warned. 9.3 Music played by players or music bots are only permitted in private gang/faction channels. Anyone caught playing music in public rooms will be warned, kicked or banned. 9.4 Offensive avatars are not permitted under any circumstance. 9.5 Imitation - Impersonating other community members such as changing your name can lead to a punishment. 9.6 Abusing Tags - Using your faction tags to join rooms which you are not allowed to use such as Police Command joining EMS Command Offices without permission.
  10. 'Ear Ache' Hello all, This weeks update was focused around the feel of the server and how we can make the experience unique as possible so we decided to feature the long-awaited 'Robbery System' and 'Inventory System'. Both scripts have been made by our Developers so a big thank you to them for there continued hard work for the server. We hope you enjoy this update with its custom features and if you find any issues at all please do report to us asap via the forums. Police Added restraining sound @Archie Added starchase to Police bike @Vik Rambo Added the ability for vehicles to spawn in clean @Vik Rambo Added new Police Uniforms @Vik Rambo Removed the ability to place extras on damaged vehicles @Vik Rambo Revamped bearcat handling @Vik Rambo Revamped Highway Tahoe handling. @Vik Rambo Revamped Command F150 handling. @Vik Rambo Changed vehicle spawn point at MRPD. @Vik Rambo Police are no longer TPed into their vehicles. @Vik Rambo EMS Changed object 'Test Object' to 'Stretcher'. @Vik Rambo Added defibrillator sound when you revive someone @Archie Merryweather Added Merryweather Locker @Maffias Other Added custom Inventory system @Maffias Special Thanks to @Wolfy & @Shlomi for creating the icons used in the Inventory system. Added custom robbery system @Vik Rambo Changed ragdoll feature to a toggle @Vik Rambo Added /neon command for vehicles @Vik Rambo Increased phone inbox capacity, from 250 to 400. @Vik Rambo Changed uTopiaRP background on the phone. @Vik Rambo Special Thanks to @Shlomi for creating the background. Fixed Translations issues on the phone @Vik Rambo Added TS address to pause menu @Vik Rambo Added alarm sound for Bank/Store robbery @Archie Added animation for locking/unlocking car @Archie Changed chance of falling from 80% to 60%. @Vik Rambo Speed Limiter rebound to 'CAPS' key. @Vik Rambo Added new repair system. /repair removed. @Vik Rambo Changed Trunk key to 'Y' instead of 'L' @Maffias Robbery System @Vik Rambo has been spending his developing time to create a custom robbery system for civilians to further improve criminal RP. Acquire zip ties from the black market, then approach a player who is surrendering (Handsup or kneeling on the ground) and press 'H'. This will then zip tie the person. You can further interact with the person with the F5 menu, you can search and rob anything they have on them, drag them around, put them in vehicles and drag them out. Unziptie using the F5 menu. Inventory System @Maffias has been spending his developing time to create Utopia's custom inventory system for you all grab with both hands. He has spent quality time to give you guys the best-optimized inventory system. This Inventory works with your everyday 'Inventory' & 'Vehicle Trunk' to use the trunk you need to now use the key 'Y' to open your boot however be assure you have your car unlocked.
  11. Added or amended the following rules: Added 5.6 - During a jailbreak you cannot send someone back to jail while a situation is ongoing. You must wait 10 Minutes after the jailbreak to send back prisoners of whom has been captured. 5.7 Police can only sling one primary weapon via /me 2.20 Fail RP is defined as an action that can not be justified by in-character means. Act like your character would act and make sure to stick to things they would be capable of. Understand the boundaries that your character may have and stick within those boundaries! Changed 3.1 From: 3.1 /ME Command - You must RP take your weapon out using /me of a bag or car unless it’s a small weapon. Police are allowed to sling a weapon but have to /me taking the weapon from the sling due to not being able to possess a bag. If you are a civilian and you possess a bag you can /me a large weapon from it. If you jump into a vehicle the /me command is reset and you must do this every time you leave a vehicle. To: 3.1 /ME Command - You must RP take your weapon out using /me of a bag or car unless it’s a small weapon. If you are a civilian and you possess a bag you can /me a large weapon from it. If you jump into a vehicle the /me command is reset and you must do this every time you leave a vehicle. 4.1 From 4.1 Theft of Emergency Vehicles - Stealing Police, EMS, Mechanic, and Military vehicles are not allowed. Theft of Police, EMS and Mechanic vehicles can be stolen if RP’d out correctly. (You need to roleplay with the suitable faction to gain the car not using /me to open a car to steal it.) To: 4.1 Theft of Emergency Vehicles - Stealing EMS or Military Vehicles is not allowed. Theft of Police or Merryweather Vehicles is permitted however not at Police Stations or Merryweather HQ. 7.3 & 7.4 From: 7.3 Garages - The garages are considered safe zones - vehicles cannot be stolen and people cannot be harmed while they're there. You may enter the vehicle of another person to move the vehicle away from the spawn point if the owner cannot be located or is refusing to move the vehicle. 7.4 Hospitals - All hospitals are considered safe zones - vehicles cannot be stolen and people cannot be harmed while they're there. No Illegal activity To: 7.1 Green Zones are the following areas Garages & Hospitals. While in a green zone you have to follow the following rules; - No Robbing - No Running into a green zone to leave a hostile area - No Weapon/Drug Deals - No Illegal Activity - No Killing/Harm - All weapons need to be holstered at all times. Removed 7.1 Police Stations - Entering the detention area, roof, offices and locker and the back of Mission Row P.D is strictly limited to police and invited guests. Violent acts can take place here as long as you meet these requirements. All police stations are considered safe zones - vehicles cannot be stolen and people cannot be harmed while they're there, and no illegal activity should be performed. 2.7 Impersonation of Emergency Services - Impersonation of Police/EMS/Mechanics/Military/Merryweather is forbidden. You may not use their character models. 2.5 Animal Skins - Animal skins may not be used by anyone. 2.15 The lawyer must know basic penal code information. Lawyers are not to waste time simply to try and grit their friends out of jail. Troopers give subjects 60 seconds to call a lawyer (uncuff to allow them to text/call, after 60 seconds cuff again) allow them 3 minutes to have a lawyer show up at the department. Once a lawyer shows up SEARCH them (if the subject had a weapon they DO NOT LET ENTER) you can remove the gun but they do not get it back. They can have 2 minutes alone with their client. Do not remove the prisoner from the cell or allow a lawyer in their cell. Then they have 3 minutes to chat with the officer, counterpoints, request a lower sentence or whatever the trooper decides. Lawyers can only represent clients on charges over 25 months. Troopers shall have the final say on the sentence. 2.10 GTA Online Driving - Drive responsibly at all times unless you have adequate reasoning to do otherwise. Driving at speed is not the issue here but excessively passing through traffic and traffic lights is. Drifting around onto wrong lanes is also not acceptable. Attempts at stopping at traffic lights, obeying speed limits, driving in the correct lane, etc, should be made, especially in high population areas.
  12. 'Stayin' Alive' Police Changed Fuel amount when you spawn a vehicle @Weasley Wells EMS Changed Fuel amount when you spawn a vehicle @Weasley Wells EMS vehicles now spawn fully upgraded. @Vik Rambo EMS can now drag patients. @Vik Rambo Nerfed the McLaren™ Ambulance to a more realistic speed. @Vik Rambo EMS can place barricades, road cones, and a mobile stretcher. @Vik Rambo. Merryweather Fixed weapon issues @Archie Added M.R.T Equipment @Archie Changed Fuel amount when you spawn a vehicle @Weasley Wells Other Changed Drug Locations @Archie Added Millionaire Container (Ability to rob) @Archie Added Secret Safe (Ability to rob) @Archie Changed Crafting Location @Archie Hint - 'You cut out my heart with a knife and left it on The Range' Changed Blackmarket @Archie Hint - 'I have enough jewelry and I'm aiming sky high' Added Garbage Bins (Ability to search through them to see if you are lucky!) @Archie Fixed blip issue relating to 'The Lounge' @Archie Added new yacht @Archie Changed ban system log @Weasley Wells Removed useless gun parts @Archie Added new Estate owners @Archie
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