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  1. See Yah Buddy

  2. isn't it time to WiTcHhUnT ? *Kappa*

  3. -1 So would you like that a staff would take your que spot? Because staff que comes before donator. Just fill up server 2 and wait until people gets on
  4. So i always want LSPD to be open in utopia, do you agree that it should be more open for people to be in several departments ? i actually do love LSPD, doing traffic stops inside the city and keeping myself inside the city until i get a call from state troopers if additional are needed.
  5. I'll call kim possible to save los santos Kappa
  6. @skeng 6.3 Killing EMS - EMS cannot be killed without sufficient reasoning to do so: i.e they refuse to cooperate even when threatened. 1.11 Chat - Using chat in a disrespectful manner will result in kicks and bans. If you are unhappy with a person, ask them to come to Teamspeak and talk about it with a support member present. I didn't know you killed the EMS UNTIL you admitted it on the coopertive admin sit which i can re-upload a full video of it, so you were luckily i skipped on that which is a major rule break of killing an EMS just because ems didn't cooperate which he didn't revive your friend which this is so invalid reason to kill an EMS for. Here is the EMS cody i revived which you killed so i skipped on that already to take care about others, so if you want to keep arguing about it, other staff may extend your ban for killing an EMS without a sufficient reason (DIDN'T REVIVE MY FRIENDS) and no, you won't be unbanned until a higher staff review this report, i'm trying to upload evidence as many as i can to prove my side over here.
  7. @skeng Ok that was misunderstanding, Well yes i did ban you off because i had to respond to too many /report and all you did is kept spamming my pm's over in character which i cannot help you with, because you were "loosing your RP" which is not my job and all i get at the end is "ty retard" and i'm trying to help several people out, you should be thanking me to do this job, not calling me a retard and you want to get away with disrespecting a staff Here is the evidence of you been complaining about in character things which i even TRIED to help you out but it seems like you don't appreciate it if something doesn't go your way in character. Yes i did yell because i face too many people like that disrespecting me for whatever reason that it didn't go their way so my shitlord meter will go the same as the person who wants argue and disrespect a staff which is me trying to help.
  8. @skeng you just proved yourself that you're altering your video, I can extend your ban to 3 days for that, Speaking to a mod ? i'm the only moderator was online and i spoke to you over here https://plays.tv/video/5cbde6bb83eabe81f0 That's why i always record, i can go right now and upload the full conversation that you were cooperating.
  9. @ZED This is the correct way of posting your appropriate general discussion opinion... NOT THIS - That's why your last general discussion post has been hidden. As i stated on the report got denied you do not attack players or insult them which you literally did, ill throw a note on your forum account which is going to be your last warning to break a rule around the forum, repeated offense will lead you to be restricted from posting, continuing to do more will lead to getting banned from the forum.
  10. As the USSS United states secret service of los santos decided to revoke JesseMcCains passport until his court date has been approved by the president, as we have the information about mr mccain he's a true past military as we looked into his database, right now we have seen an evidence from the state troopers that he was linking the presidents private pictures around tweet social media application and we found out a secret weapons he shouldn't be stealing when he was in the military, he will have to appeal to the court and the judge will have to get the signature permission from the president to have mr mccain's passport back. NEWS has been published
  11. APPEAL DENIED @tundi I spoke with the staff lead and the management, we do not tolerate modding anymore around our server.
  12. APPEAL DENIED Member is already banned due to another reason by an staff member.
  13. APPEAL DENIED This member is already been permanently banned
  14. @RucksackBegundy First of all thank you for admitting that you were wrong and i appreciate it "As well as that, I got a verbal warning not to drive a dirt bike into the PD, and I did not do it after that. The fact he put that in the ban reason is kind of not relevant in my opinion as I was already spoken to about this." I literally applied your 24 hours ban because of your history, you been already noted by me for stealing an EMS chopper "you were cooperative" right now i spoke to you about the dirt bike inside mission row (had an admin sit with you) you're still cooperative But comming again to break several rules into mission row police department and attempting to steal a vehicle outside mission row parking lot which is safe zone isn't acceptable and you will need a cooldown for a 24 hours and have some time to read the rules
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