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  1. Gragnog

  2. Real OG remembers 107 players on 4 servers. The before queue times, before dark times.
  3. Yakuza series, why? Incredibly well writes story, well developed fighting mechanics(you can place huge cone on someone and knock him out with karate chop), loads of side quests, lovable characters, karaoke. Game has fucking karaoke 11/10 hippopotamuses. Masterpiece.
  4. Land has it name (named by owner). If you leave the land unnamed Your name as Owner will be added at the end.
  5. Officer tackled me without a reason if front of PD in front of his superior Gareth Barry, after wards he keept acting really unprofessional (trying to make Hindu accent), while i was trying to talk to Officer Barry. This officer need to be thought about professionalism.
  6. Make an application, after wards you will be trained... Aaaaand Archie didn't add the application sheet.
  7. I heard you are the biggest legend on utopia am i right?

  8. Bug Summary Lawyer fund Your In-game name Gragnog Steam ID 76561198039927037 Date & Time of the incident ----- Description of the incident Lawyer fund doesn't work (Invalid amount) whenever Im trying to take it out or put money in. Also its located at the Planetarium instead of the Lawyer officer. Severity of bug Inconvenience If job related, Your current job/rank Lawyer If location related, picture of location or description of location Lawyer office / Planetarium Screenshots/Recordings Archie did it.
  9. Case #1 Someone was robbing a store at Legion Garage. I ran outside so i won't be shoot by the criminal inside and that lovely officer Rammed his Ford Taurus, breaking my leg, i asked for medical assistance, it didn't stop him from taking me to the MRPD jail. Then he left me in there with EMS and his supervisor, supervisor suggested me making a complaint. Case #2 My friend @Weasley Wells was driving his Black Mesa and waiting for lights to go green, when officer rammed into his car (officer was driving on the wrong side of the road) and drove off without any explanation then he drove away to MRPD when we confronted him, he responded with "I had my lights on". He didn't have any suspects inside he was just rushing to MRPD without any good reason.
  10. Rest in pepperonis P1 squad 😕
  11. Car price is way to low. Toros is having 0.7kg trunk, goes 140-150mph and has incredible grip. Its basically a 50k DemonHawk without ram power.
  12. Can current refueling system take money from your bank not cash?
  13. Car acceleration is worse then 2M$ Senna, top speed is higher by 5MP/h (senna - 205 / SVJ 210 (230 downhill). I get the idea of Senna not having any armor and breaking down after hitting anything at 10 MP/h but is there any chance of buffing SVJ? I don't feel like it was worth the price.
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