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  2. Turbo has made his indicative vote in Teamspeak too as a no. As there is a consensus on the management decision - this appeal is denied. You may appeal again in 3 months.
  3. As my 1.7 ban on you stands, this will require a majority management vote - noting for @Maffias and @Turbo Firstly, this ban comes in 3 parts: You initial ban for using chat disrespectfully after being asked to stop You were then permanently banned by @Weasley Wells for then calling me a faggot I denied your unban appeal and upgraded it to a 1.7 due to this monstrosity of an unban appeal Your previous unban appeal was 10 days ago, not a month ago: You also claim you were repeating what you said in-game, however you know as well as I do that is untrue as per the screenshot below. I have reviewed your chat history already and there is no message even close. You even at one point claimed that @Weasley Wells had faked the screenshot, attempting to call into question the integrity of somebody who has no reason to mislead me about it, couldn't mislead me if I wanted to check and has put hundreds if not thousands of hours into making this community what it is: Even in your previous unban appeal you continue to be hostile to our staff team: "since I'm not a 12 year old girl like some of the admins I don't give a fuck enough to report it" After I had given you a 1.7, you continued to message people on my friends list to pass on taunting and threatening messages. Even contacting me on Steam having been warned multiple times previously not to do so: In your previous unban appeal, you said the following: " woke up banned for 3 days for homophobia which I don't understand because Vaffla has stated his reason for banning me in his first reply. Vaffla never warned me about being homophobic in game. " Yet above you claim to be repeating what you said in-game? I will leave this to other management to assess the credibility of that story but frankly I think you are being anything but truthful. My vote is an absolute and unequivocal no. This community has no place for a lying, threatening, homophobic troublemaker who cannot respect process or at least have the decency or civility to go through the process without wanting to dish out more surplus insults.
  4. So, I have taken a look at the cheats you were/are using, and frankly, it appears evident that you were using it even down to the symptoms of when you died and were miraculously revived. To rule out this potentially being a FiveM bug, I have spoken to our own development team as well as a host of others, and not a single person can find a plausible explanation for what has been seen other than the use of cheats. Whether it was on accidentally or intentionally is irrelevant. Our mindset on the issue is very clear; it is not welcome. To add insult to injury, you have a small montage of your use of these cheats - irrespective of your views on this, you are dragging this community into disrepute when you go to other servers and then return to us later on to play as normal. We operate a community like those you impacted with this, and we are not out to destroy other communities; quite the opposite, we want to work together with them to rid FiveM of people exploiting and cheating in this way. It would perhaps be wiser the next time this is appealed, to simply remove these cheats entirely. You jeopardise and ruin the fun for others using them, and mock the time and effort developers put into making communities like this possible, free of charge to you. Denied - appeal again in 3 months.
  5. What makes you believe we would want somebody who uses these cheats, regardless of where you intend to use them, on our server? I fail to see a distinction between your use of them elsewhere and here - this is a problem of character in my view.
  6. With the size of our current server, I don't believe that it would be in the interests of our community to expand to a whitelisted server yet. We rely heavily on our public servers to bring in new players, and our churn is still too large to consider restricting the entry of fresh blood. We may at a future date look to develop a segmented community whereby some servers are whitelisted, but until our staff team and factions are capable of dealing with the diverse standards, it would likely be detrimental to our growth and future.
  7. As you seem to think this issue is a personal attack against you, let me clarify it is not. However, as you seem to think the process is a joke and wish to continue levelling insults my way, I have upgraded the ban to a 1.7 community ban. If you wish to appeal this you will need to contact Turbo/Maffias directly and require a majority management decision to overturn this. Go away and return when you can be mature enough to understand why you were banned in the first place.
  8. As an additional note, whoever handles this appeal please refer to the below screenshot:
  9. Let me be quite clear in this. The unban appeal of any other person is not your concern, the process to review ban appeals is independent and based on the facts and judgement of our staff alone, and despite my management position, as this ban is not under 1.7 they are free to review it and decide the outcome just like any other ban. Yesterday I warned you on more than one occasion to stop using Local OOC to be abusive towards other players, a warning you did not heed. Furthermore, after this abusive chat and EMS left the scene, you respawned and immediately returned to the area to attempt to use your vehicle to crash into your former attackers - as soon as you died you then proceeded to Alt + F4. As for no report, that is correct, however I did spectate the entire situation. It is the prerogative of any member of staff or management here to issues bans where they believe a rule has been broken, there is no requirement for a report.
  10. Just to clarify, staff are welcome to deal with this appeal and doesn't need management referral, please treat this just like a regular staff ban rather than management action. Chat logs in consideration for the ban are as follows: 2019-03-24 19:22:08 some fag just killed me for no reason 2019-03-24 19:22:55 this nigga just shot me for no reason 2019-03-24 19:24:08 What a faggot 2019-03-24 19:24:16 Massive faggot in the house 2019-03-24 19:24:35 This is so fucking gay 2019-03-25 22:10:23 you literally ran up behind me and tried to punch me you absolute retard 2019-03-25 22:11:22 you know what the attack button is you socially inept mongoloid 2019-03-26 21:45:34 nignog fuck Ban was originally 72 hours but has been reduced to 24 hours on brief discussion with Chad as his approach was reasonable, this appeal is against the 24 hour ban.
  11. Duplicate of Locekd.
  12. UNBANNED I really hope this incident does not recur in any form, thank you for being frank with me about this.
  13. To say I'm disappointed in the actions of you and your group is an understatement. I hope it is clear at this point the character of those people is not entirely that of mature people who can act responsibly with their power. Who were these other "founders" of the community?
  14. Vaffla


    So, I'm not normally one to post information which may be construed as salty or sharing private messages, but I thought this one was worth it to make a point. If you feel you can really make something better than we have here, go ahead. We have a few ex-management and others who created another community, which as of lately I have noticed has shut down due to having 0 players almost all day long. A few days ago, I received the following message: That is from an ex-management member, ex-police commissioner and alleged founder who done nothing for the community than sit in the top position and claim credits for "founding" it, despite not contributing a single line of code and causing more chaos than settled. Today, I was happy to announce in Discord our record number of players, 87, were connected across our 3 servers! The screenshot below showing when we had 82 connected in total. If it shows anything, it is that this community will continue to flourish, and we will not accept toxic people here. We flourished despite these people, not because of them, and since their removal, our growth has skyrocketed. Our development team puts in countless hours fixing bugs, adding custom features and cracking down on exploiters. This server isn't a simple collection of scripts, almost every script we run is now custom built or heavily modified by our own team, and we are proud to be one of the most developed and stable communities around. Onwards and upwards!
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