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  • Guidance Report a Player

  • When reporting a player, evidence is required for the staff team to make the correct decision and where required, take action against rule breakers. This process is designed to be transparent so the process is fair for all players. All reports should be dealt with via the Report a Player system, even if the report is against the staff team.

    When making a report, please ensure the following guidelines are observed:

    1. When using video evidence, please include all relevant material, but at least 2 minutes prior to the start of the situation should be provided where it exists for cases of RDM. Staff may dismiss reports without sufficient material leading up to the event if they deem it relevant.
    2. Only those involved in the situation should comment on a report. Unqualified witness statement, ie users without additional evidence by way of video, screenshots or logs, should not comment. Doing so may lead to warning points from the staff team.
    3. You should make all efforts to resolve disputes before they are reported. Accidents happen, and if a player is willing to compensate you for your loss, accepting this compensation shall be considered a full resolution of the incident.
    4. All parties should remain civil in a report. Resorting to unsubstantiated claims without evidence, using disrespectful language and provoking others are all examples of unacceptable and uncivil behavior.
    5. Staff are permitted discretion in how they are to deal with incidents, and they may consider punishments outside of the usual warning and ban system if they find it appropriate. For example, minor offences may result in a referral to the whitelisted faction command rather than official warnings, if they deem this a more appropriate avenue.
    6. Users should refrain from contacting the staff team outside of the report topic. Messaging on Discord or Teamspeak to speak about the report is not acceptable, and may result in warnings for repeat offenders. Evidence not in the topic or from the server logs is not admissible to be considered in the report.
    7. Reports should ideally be made within 24 hours of the incident. Reports may be accepted at a later date, but staff shall be entitled to dismiss any report which has an undue or unreasonable delay.
    8. All staff decisions are final. Staff Lead and Management may use their discretion to overturn decisions if they believe this is warranted, but players do not have an automatic right to review by Staff Lead or Management.
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