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    UtopiaRP Patreon


    Without you, the brilliant supporters of UtopiaRP, we would not be able to keep our dedicated servers online so we thank you! 

    With your donations, we are able to keep all of our services online so we appreciate any amount you can spare towards the community!


    Utopia Servers


    Server 1: FiveM Public Servers & FiveM Dev Server & Teamspeak

    Server 2: Website, and backend services


    We have decided to use Patreon which is designed to protect player privacy and also protect the community itself from any financial issues such as fraud etc. Many of you may have already used Patreon before, but if not it is truly a user-friendly and self-explanatory system which is easy to grasp.

    We have decided to take advantage of the Patreon system 'Tiers' so as you support more to the server you will receive more benefits on all of UtopiaRP Platforms.

    If you would like to contribute to the community then feel free to do by clicking here

    All funding we receive will be used to develop, support and grow the community. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't be afraid to reach out to us.


    Donation Terms & Conditions


    Our payments are handled by Patreon


    1. Your donation is made voluntarily, all payments will be dealt with and handled by Patreon (No Refunds) 

    2. Your donation status will be issued for that said month if you donate for April then you will be a Patreon for April.

    3. Donating does not exclude you from the server rules and the expectations of every player. The rules will be enforced equally to all players and as such, if you become banned, no refunds will be issued. 

    4. Once you have set up a monthly subscription to patron it is your responsibility when you make a payment to cancel it if you wish to do so.


    Please understand that your benefits will only last while you are a patron within the community, so if you donate and then cancel then you will lose your perks at the end of your month.


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